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Data Logs

Glasair Super II-S FT

Data from Jan 15th 2013

The above hyperlink is a .kml file that works with Google Earth and comes from a .csv file created by the G3X.  I will try to add more files to this list showing specific portions of flights.  Such as landings to show speeds and other parameters.  The one here is an entire sortie which is information overload.  But one can zoom in and find a few points of data to see what it is all about.

The program to convert the .csv files to .kml files comes from: Garmin Garmin Flight Log Conversion for Aviation. Updates & Downloads.  It allows you to select how many data points you want (as in one every 5 seconds, or one every second etc.)

Click the picture to enlarge for an example.  This is only a picture.  The push pins don't work on this picture, they work on the link "data from Jan 15th" above.    Each push pin givesge_picture.jpg (1356756 bytes) another group of data points.

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