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Hot CHT #2

Glasair Super II-S FT

       MS Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)

POH - for N11HC (.pdf out of date)  

POH - for N11HC (MS Word zipped 21MB)

W&B Spreadsheet

Takeoff Distance Spreadsheet



Original POH

GAMA - How to Write a POH

Master Minimum Equipment List (FAA)

Engine & Prop
Lycoming-Textron IO-360-B1E

IO-360-B1E Engine Operator's Manual

      Lycoming Flyer General Info
      Lycoming Flyer Operations

      Lycoming Break-In SI 1427B

      Lycoming_Pre_Oil SI_1241C

      Lycoming Mag Check SI 1132B

      Lycoming Lub Oil Recom SI 1014M

      Lycoming Leaning Procedures

      Lycoming Flyer Key Reprints

      Lycoming Trouble Shooting Manual

      Lycoming Training Videos

Hartzell Prop
      P-920 Data Sheet
      Owners Manual

Parts by ECI Products
       Break-In Instructions_88-7-1
       Break-In Instructions & Oil Mgt
       SI Intercylinder Cooling Baffles
       Engine Trouble Shooting Guide
       Rapid Engine Leaning

Assembled by Aero Sport Power

Engine Logbook

Firewall Sealant Info form Vans Forum

Break-in Summary and Plan
Poplar Grove Airmotive Break-in Procedures
RAM Oil Recommendations
EAA - Bits and Pieces Engine Break-in

Power Chart

Lycoming Operator's Manual for O-360 and Associated Models

Section 3
Operating Instructions
Sea Level Performance Charts
Periodic Inspections
Trouble Shooting
Installation & Storage
Operations & Maintenance Tables
Misc. and Airframe
Preliminary Instruction Manual

Final Assembly

Heat/Defrost Robot Datasheet

Dome Light Information

Compass Installation  (larger print)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Control Stick Labels

Aircraft Labels

Headset (Zulu) Manual

Fuel Quantity Probe

Fuel Grounding


Garmin G3X Manuals Site

   G3X Pilots Guide

   G3X Spec Sheet

   G3X Install Manual

   G3X Installation Considerations


Garmin 430W  Manuals Site 

   G430 Pilots Guide and Reference

   G430 Quick Reference Guide

   G430 Install Manual

   GNS 430W Sample Training Syllabus


Garmin SL 40 VHF Comm Radio #1
    SL40 Users Guide
    SL40 Installation Manual

    SL40 Spec Sheet


Audio Panel -- PS Engineering Site
    Audio Pilot's Guide
    Audio Data Sheet

AOA Manual

AOA Checklists

AOA Training Slides

Transponder GTX 327 Pilot's Guide

TruTrak Autopilot Site

Autopilot Installation/User Manual

Use the G3X Pilot's Guide Section 9 for Integrated Autopilot Operation (~ page 240)

Standby ADI Installation and Users Guide

GT-50T Manual (G-meter)

TCW Intelligent Power Supply (IPS) Install Manual

ELT  (ACK Model E-04 ELT)
    Installation and Operation Manual   

Airworthiness Paperwork

FAA Airworthiness Certification (chapter 4, section 9)

Outdated -- AC 20-27D Certification & Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft

Instructions for Application for Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form 8130-6),

Form for Application for Airworthiness Certificate FAA Form 8130-6 

AC 21-12B Filing Airworthiness Application

Flight Testing
Flight Testing Handbook AC-90-89B
Range and Endurance Plotting
3-Engine Profiles Article (.pdf)  (.docx)  (.zip)
List of Flight Testing Articles  (.pdf)  (.docx)  (.zip)
Transition to Experimental or Unfamiliar Aircraft AC-90-109
Acrobatics AC-91-48
Operating Limitations FAR-91

Sport Pilot Magazine Articles

After the First Test Flight 04-1988
Development Flight Testing 08-2003
Flight Testing Homebuilts part 1 - 01-1989
Flight Testing Homebuilts part 2 - 02-1989
Flight Testing Homebuilts part 3 - 03-1989
Test Flight Danger Zone - 11-2006
Your Flight Test Program - 01-2003
FAR 23 - Flight Testing Guide
Airspeed Calibration
Power Available


From Other Glasair Owners 
Annual Condition Inspection
Example POH for 200hp Glasair II FT
Flight Test Manual for Glasair II FT
POH and Inspection Checklist for Glasair Super II RG


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